The firm specializes in civil litigation and arbitration. It has a distinctive practice and large experience in civil and corporate dispute resolution, particularly in insurance and reinsurance law, mining, oil and gas, energy, banking, bankruptcy and judicial rehabilitation process among other fields.

The firm also represents clients before the Public Administration, including governmental agencies and regulatory authorities.

From the outset, the firm has been representing its clients in the most relevant claims throughout the country and abroad, involving several kinds of risks, such as financial, performance bonds, operational, engineering, property, liability (civil liability and D&O), marine, oil and gas, among others. The team has a solid reputation for its work on large risks claims adjustment, as well as resolving litigation and arbitral disputes in the area.

The firm also offers specialist consultancy, advising clients on claims negotiations and providing legal opinions for insurance litigation. RMA also advise its clients on business and legal matters for contracting major risks insurance and reinsurance programs.

Raphael Miranda Advogados has extensive expertise in the administrative area, representing clients before the Public Administration and liaising with insurance governmental agencies and regulatory authorities.

The firm also advises on tax matters in general, including tax planning, in order to reduce/eliminate tax obligations, and on corporate/operational restructuring plans, analyzing the tax implications of transactions involving other business areas.

The firm also has extensive expertise in tax litigation, representing many clients in both legal and administrative proceedings. The partners also have in-depth experience negotiating investment incentives with fiscal authorities and restructuring existing businesses.

In addition to resolving litigation, the firm offers its clients legal advice on commercial transactions, corporate matters, mergers and acquisitions and legal structuring/restructuring and also provides legal opinions.

The office assists foreign clients in contracts related to assets and businesses located in Brazil, as well as in operations in which Brazilian law is applicable.

Raphael Miranda Advogados is also active in litigation involving international companies in Brazil.

The office also acts as a tax advisor for the entry and registration of foreign investments in the country and the repatriation of capital.